Burnt Umber pick-out Oil Paint – Lucille


I’m finally getting into oil painting after three years of trying to find out how to do it completely solvent free – I’m frequently on bed rest from my medical condition so I used a lot of that time to comb the internet for info on art materials and methods…. there’s not a whole lot of info about painting solvent free with oils but I’m finally ready to start.  Compared to acrylics OMG I LOVE the feeling of the oil paint – it’s very very relaxing compared to acrylics.  It’s like ‘go ahead… take your time.. I’m not going to dry on you any time soon’.  I love working in acrylics for their easy cleanup and quick drying time and will still use them at times I know I am likely to be interrupted and to help me practice for longer duration multi layered oil paintings.


I’m pretty happy with how this came out overall.  I think I missed some angles and proportions especially on the jaw – thanks for being here every week, Matt!


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August 4, 2019

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