Bouguereau’-value practice


Matt- guess my original download didn’t make it during glitches over Memorial weekend.  Basicly needed your critique on how I’m doing on matching values, softness of tone, trying various pencil strokes.  Thank goodness I tend to start out lightly with mechanical pencil and col-erase- was able to get better arrangement of eyes, shape of nose and jaw line on his left with erasing(I hope!) Finally after much squinting, adding more value- was going crazy and decided to stop- not sure how to approach background on Bouguereau’s left side.  But this is all part of practice…of course after viewing your wonderful video on value by Chris van Allsburg- Im feeling a little intimidated but will continue to work on my skill with sketch-rendering.  Anyway, hope you are staying safe, looking forward to your input.

Peace, bob kantner


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May 28, 2020

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