Bouguereau Drawing Michael Basler

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Hi Matt,

thank You for all Your effort to push us forward. I really appreciate Your critiques because that’s the way to learn to see and to understand.

I feel this Bouguereau Drawing is a milestone for me. It lifted me up to a new layer of drawing quality.

This is the first drawing that I ACCOMPLISHED without A GRID or ANy RULER MEASURING.
That’s a big step forward for me and I feel a kind of deliverance. Meanwhile, I finished two other portraits in the same way.
All the lessons about shapes, angles, light, plump lines, negative space, all effort, all frustration, all headaches, all discipline a.s.o. led to this success.
I’m so happy.

The drawing is not perfect. The head is a little bit too small and has other faults. I love to hear You critique to get better.

Thanks again. It was worth it to enroll in DTO. I’m since May 2020 a member.

Greetings from South Germany




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September 6, 2020

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