Hi Matt,

I am studying the Torso Bean Shape. I’m not sure if this Bean used as just exercise as gesture, or it can be used to build a figure using it!


1-Could you please explain this pose if it has Pinch and stretch and if the shoulders and hip are tilted the same way or opposite?

2- I did the first two ovals, one for rib cage and the other for hips, and they meet exactly at the thin part of the waist (I’m not sure if it’s at the level of the Belly button)? Are the ovals meet correct at thin waist?

3- And then I connected them and added skin folds on the pinch side as the Ref, but I don’t know why mine looks too static and not dynamic and tilted as the Reference? And why the artist added this skin folds because I don’t see in his Reference image skin folds where the woman pinches?





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March 17, 2024

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