Beach Sunset in Watercolour

Hi Matt, this is Caitlin.

I did this painting in a limited palette: opera rose, raw sienna, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and cobalt turquoise. The aim was to create a unified painting because a composition like this can risk looking like two separate paintings in the sky vs foreground.

I also paid more attention to perspective than usual based on past critiques.

I left out most of the people as I thought they were adding unnecessary clutter to the image. I left out the tables under the umbrellas because they were too attention grabbing in my opinion. I also moved the seagull in the sky up a bit where I thought it better aided the composition.

For my critique I am wondering if you agree with the decisions I made going from reference photo to painting. Any other comments you have are welcome too. 

Thank you

(My name at the bottom is just for Instagram because paintings can get shared without credit there sometimes. I might make it a bit paler as it’s somewhat distracting) 


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February 9, 2020

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