Bavarian landscape Carole

I used Colerase for most of this, and the blending stump which helped get the black areas I wanted, better than the brush.  But in the end I used a black wing graphite to get even darker. I used the brush more on the light and mid tones.  The paper was the smooth side of Bee Paper tablet I used last week.  

I also copied the Harvesting Seaweed and maybe I can show you next week? Lighter tones were hard because to me they looked very similar. And the animals and people gave me fits.  I know they are in pairs and could not see them enough, so I just drew one in its own row.  I bet they did this on Long Island and maybe still do, but with a 4 wheeler.  good fertilizer once the salt is washed out.


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May 19, 2023

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