Basquiat portrait


Hi Matt, 

This is a study that I made on graphite pencils for a bigger piece I’m gonna do on charcoal. I used 2 reference pictures that I merged into one composition to make this portrait. I would like to know if the hair looks believable and if the composition in general is working. Of course I would like to get some feedback on likeness , edges , values etc. To know what to improve for when I start to do the final piece in charcoal . 
Thanks 🙂


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August 24, 2020


  1. Matthew


    I boil;d love it if you could post your name. Unforunately you just missed this weeks critique. Most members upload on Sunday night. I start filming the critiques very early Monday morning. I will film yours first next Monday.

    In the meantime, The drawing looks great. The composition totally works. Without doing a detailed side by side, the likeness is basically there. I would want to see a couple of vertical strands of his hair on the sections above his head. In essence some interior details that shows it is his hair and not a design shape. The edge texture of his hair is crucial too. It’s the edge of the hair that also show much of the detail.


  2. Camilo Rodriguez

    Hi Matt,

    My name is Camilo and I was a member of this website around 5 y ago , very happy to be back ! . Thanks for your comment, looking forward for next week critique.


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