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Hi Matt,

This week I have been working with graphite again. Also tried to keep my scan a bit smaller.

I have been trying to fade out the supporting chair so that it does not get the focus with hard lines, but I am not sure if it works with the bottom of the chair being lower than the leg. Also trying  to work with the 2 light sources, with the light from the left being dominant at the bottom and the right source at the top, due to the area coverage in the reference.





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July 3, 2021


  1. Zoran Popovic

    Hi Neil,
    I think you nailed it this time, she won’t stand up if you don’t offer your hand… and take her to the beach – its season anyway. I do not know what I like more? Your choice of complex posture, or dual lighting here. Happy drawing summer!


    • Neil Blue

      Hi Zoran,

      Thank you for your comment !

      Yes I am happier with this one. I have tried to keep to the same technique for a couple of weeks, and with the same 2 pencils and the same paper so that I could focus on the basics a bit more.

      See you on Tuesday 🙂

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