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  1. Linda Chase

    carried over from First upload.

    This is digital ipad procreate render, the image was traced.
    All newborns look like Winston Churchill, it has been said. This is Hank, my grand nephew. He was a preemie, and looked startled in every snapshot I was sent.

    This took a month, I was new to digital. and new to painting finished portraits in any media. And rendering fabric.

    Aesthetic concerns. I wanted it to be a realistic likeness but more complimentary to soften him, Did I hit that mark? (I don’t think I did)

    I tried to relocate him to a better composition, one that showed more of his right side, it was unsuccessful.

    I tried different backgrounds. How is this one working, was there a better choice? pastels? I like strong colors.

    I have two drawing concerns,

    the nose. I am somewhat familiar with models of noses, would you please draw the nose structure on the photo, did I render it correctly? They are vague forms, subtle unformed?

    The eyebrow lift, If I wanted to remove the startled look, how would I relax it?
    Would less contrast do it?

    Thank you for your critique. I used everything you have covered in class so far.

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