Arm Bones_Study1

Arm Bones_Study1

Hi Matt,

I’m studying the arm bones, and I drew the scapula at first, since the humerus head is attached to the scapula socket.

1-Inregards to the humerus, I simplified it to a hammer shape or croquet mallet. 

Does the lower cylinder represent the epicondyles or the whole lower part of the humerus? How you spot please the Epicondyles position? Are they above the elbow?

I struggled to draw the lower part (cylinder) of the humerus in the right position and perspective! Should I draw its perspective according to the wrist?


2-Inregards to the Ulna and Radius. I drew the Ulna as a wrench that hugged /grips the Radius Cylinder from the back!

-Does the Radius Head attached on the outside part as I drew of the Humerus or the inner part? Because it swings around the Ulna in the first drawing, or is it the supination case?





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July 16, 2023

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