Arjun – Test underpainting


Hi Matt. I am going slower because I’m really trying to get limited exposure to blue light devices and you know lately my eyes are reacting adversely to the iPad. It is helping me a lot so far.

Here is a very quick 2 min underpainting I did and it is just meant to serve as a launchpad for us to communicate your conception of the underpainting. For me, letting the underpainting show through is the main focus of this painting because I really like that translucent aesthetic. Over it will be 3-4 passes of overpainting.

What kind of texture and color did you have in mind for the underpainting?

I am really risking her arm and face looking very hairy and I feel I should blend the smoother areas. I could change the background color of the canvas too. It’s just a placeholder for now cuz the grey does not strain my eyes.

I do not like this underpainting. I just want to hear your conception of it.



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January 6, 2020


  1. Robert Grieve

    Hi Arjun,

    I don’t know anything about painting; so I hope you won’t mind me saying; I really like your under painting. I’m surprised you don’t. It looks great just in line. Good luck with adding the paint. I hope you will post it so we can all see the finished painting.


    • Arjun Khode

      Thank you so much Robert. I’m sure it will look even better. You could follow me on instagram @aktracer

      Posting here would be difficult, but you could surely find it there when it’s done

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