Arjun – Taylor print start


Hi Matt. This is the outline stage of my new painting. Since I work in CMYK I am submitting screenshots, else RGB for the web will change the colors up.

The print store owner I go to is really nice and he showed me these metallic papers. He suggested that if I leave an area light, the sheen of the metallic paper will show through and create a beautiful effect. I’m in the stage of setting this up for it. These are just placeholder colors, a green metallic gradation with a layer of brown gesso to seal the skin for paint application. I could totally go crazy with the background but I’m not having many ideas. I’m thinking of leaving the leaking gesso that way out of the borders. I kind of want to experiment with rendering some areas very heavily and leaving some areas completely unfinished. I’ll spend about 10 hours rendering it after this.

Role models would be Anthony Ryder’s unfinished drawings or Bouguereau’s oil studies.

How should I go about the unfinished effect? Should I add a rectangular border to the print?

– Arjun



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March 23, 2020

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