Arjun – Rework Ver.1

Gay_Beach_(F)_2_4_FINAL 1080

Hi Matt. I reworked my drawing this week so I could add it to my portfolio.

I put some background in this one. It’s funny how hard I used to paint my edges a few months ago. I softened some edges, the hair, removed those lines on her thighs but brought back some trace of them to accentuate the skin texture.

I tried adding a dock/pier in the background in ver.2, see next post. My Instagram friends unanimously voted for this version without the dock. But I just want to learn about perspective from this week’s critique. Also I want to know if her hips are in a believable perspective? I’m not sure if they are leading to the vanishing point.

You know the kind of reference for this piece. Two completely different bodies, at relatively different angles. So not uploading that.



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August 4, 2019

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