Arjun – Portrait

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Hi Matt. I’ve been studying anatomy. For this painting I transferred about 10 points directly to my canvas to get the proportions and also a centerline. My main aim was practicing feature placement and learning to render. Another goal was getting the anatomy of the face right. I learned how to put thin darks and thick lights of paint though this piece.

Having painted this Bouguereau piece at a very high resolution was just one of the rewards I was after. Even though this has a very poor reference.

This piece reminded me of the soft gradations you did in the portrait of your son Luke. I don’t think I got that look.

This was about 13hrs and will go on my brand new portrait channel.



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November 3, 2019


  1. Craig Warner


    That’s unbelievably moving. Brought tears to my eyes.


    • Arjun Khode

      Thank you so much Craig! This means the world to me ❤

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