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Hi Matt. I wanted to get a high level assessment of my work from you of my Instagram (aktracer). Some posts I will archive moving forward. The screenshot is just a placeholder.

I’m producing 2-3 paintings each week and what I really wanted to ask you is, are you able to tell which pieces were traced and which ones weren’t? I want to talk more about tracing. I honestly feel that my traced pieces are worse than the drawn ones.

Yes I use tracing to save time, but lately I’ve learned to draw like a painter, and it is so easy in digital, it’s really not much work drawing and I enjoy it.¬†Whether I use tracing or hand draw an inked outline, my rendering starts with the same type of thin refined outline. But my eye allergies get really bad sometimes and I can’t draw. More time drawing means less time rendering.

Do you think I need to make a decision to always trace or always draw? And will there be a discrepancy between the both if I use both alternately? I truly love both. I’m just very new to tracing.




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April 19, 2020

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