Arjun – Eza portrait

Eza FINAL 1080

Hi Matt! So this is Eza, a singer that I admire and she gave me a compliment on my drawings on Instagram so I offered to draw her and she got really excited.

I spent about 3 days composing the portrait. The original photo had part of her head cropped off so I did a lot of study of her face from other photos to try to get the peculiarities of her face. She has these prominent front 2 teeth and her lips are very light in color almost skin color. The major change I made was in her gaze. 

I don’t think I got her likeness, but I spent extra time refining the features. This is my form lines style of rendering if you zoom in real close. Although I won’t be working on this piece any further and I already delivered it to her, it would be nice to learn from it in hindsight.

This one was 10hrs, which is on a bit longer side for a black and white portrait piece.



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September 27, 2019

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