Arjun – Dua Lipa

Hi Matt. I wanted to get this out of the pipeline first, I won’t submit this for the long critique because I don’t love it. I already finished my second painting and am about to start a third one. 

For this one, I was way off with the traditional likeness so it was an uphill battle with the paint. I have 2 issues 

  1. Some pointers on how you approach front views. Front views seem like an entirely different drawing subject. No perspective and a lot of symmetry to track. Do you have a formula that works?
  2. Keying the drawing. Since I did the Catherine pieces, I started to work very timidly and don’t commit to the super opaque lights. I think a solution could be starting with a brighter canvas that sets a higher key. This piece looks so dark on Instagram.  

This was done in a day and a half, practicing for the mid-tier commissions.



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February 16, 2020


  1. Alan Franceschini

    Love it!

    • David Ladouceur

      Best you’ve done. Strong psychological dimension.

      • Arjun Khode

        thanks a lot David

    • Arjun Khode

      thank you so much Alan

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