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Hi Matt. I am a bit disappointed and happy at the same time with this drawing. Happy because I was able to do a traditional drawing for some miraculous reason without hurting my eyes.

Disappointed because this drawing is not so good. My first attempt at this drawing was much worse than this one. I was debating whether to even upload anything this week for the critique. I clearly see multiple things that are off, in the laptop. But I definitely did not see them when drawing on paper. I would really like to get better.

Since this was a second attempt without break, I got a bit impatient and threw in the angles very boldly just to see if she would look like Margot Robbie this time around. Apparently, she didn’t.

I know that graphite is a non-allergen. The eye problem was probably not due to using graphite. But I wanted to be safe and I tried drawing with a colored pencil here, since it sticks to paper and is not dusty. I am considering doing a long duration drawing with graphite at some point. This was a nice change from the daily procreate grind. I was really bored of doing the same thing for about 6 months now.

This was done in a 5x8inch sketchbook. 


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October 20, 2019


  1. Alan Franceschini

    Sorry to hear you’re not happy with it, personally I love it! Especially the energy in the lines. Really cool!

    • Arjun Khode

      thank you so much Alan! 🙂

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