Arjun – Bouguereau study

20 2000

Hi Matt. This one was about 9 hours. I’ve been studying a lot and made some pretty significant little breakthroughs in my digital painting.

I tried to make this as 3d as I could, but for some reason it is looking very flat on the left side. Do you think so too? I tried to put very subtle skin texture to avoid an extreme airbrushed feel. Also tried my best to create translucency. I made a separate brush for rendering that does not let me exceed 45% opacity per stroke even at max pressure. This forces me to build up values slowly and layer things up. I took a watercolor approach where I lay down the lightest color opaquely as base and layer other values on top translucently.

To lift off some paint off the canvas like you teach at PTO, I apply a gaussian blur to the rendering layer in the initial stages.



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August 11, 2019


  1. Shannon Wolford

    This is exactly professional art!

    • Arjun Khode

      Thank you so much Shannon. Very kind of you ❤️

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