Another plaster head – Amber


Hi Matt,

I tried using grey scale to draw a softer-and-rounder sculpture this time. I really love my hatching though I can tell the shape is not so right.

I have a question and it may be silly. When you do a realistic real-life/photo drawing, do you think thoroughly about the effect of every move, or you just instinctively know how to convey what you see without thinking too much?

I come up with this question for a reson. After finishing this drawing, my friend told me she liked how I dealt with edges – some were soft, some were hard, creating an illusion of space successfully. I said I didn’t realise I did that; all I thought when drawing was ‘I can feel the volume here and I’ll convey it’. I wasn’t 100% clear about what kind of techniques I used. I know that some artists study masterpieces by analysing the use of every brushstroke, I am just not sure if I need to deliberate on and/or comprehend every move I take when doing real-life/photo drawings.

I hope my question makes sense.



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April 23, 2021

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