Anders and Emma Zoroaster – Nancy G.


Hi Matt,

I attended LightBox Expo Online September 11-13, and one of the sessions ( an introduction to oil painting) used Zorn’s “Emma Zorn Reading” as the study. Being unfamiliar with Zorn’s work, I ended up googling him and found the photo of Anders and Emma Zorn by Robert Roesler used for this study.

Also studying Sergant’s drawing these days, trying to move from over rendering to using more line – which is harder than one would expect. 
With this drawing, I didn’t quite manage to avoid the over rendering, and I messed something up with his eyes. Sometimes they look crossed, sometimes ok. Eyes are hard!

Strathmore tan toned paper, 7×5.5”  / Blackwing 602 and Conté white pastel chalk.

Thanks as always for your time and feedback. I hope you had an enjoyable last weekend of summer!



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September 20, 2020

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  1. Nancy Gilbert

    Hah! I didn’t realize autocorrect changed the name “Zorn” to “Zoroaster”. Sorry about that!

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