Alex by Craig

Alex by Craig

Matt, Here is Alex, who provides me with a quarter-profile to work with, to try to solve my problem that all my quarter profile reference photographs get translated into straight-on portraits. I couldn’t get that slight angle no matter what I did. Do I tried the Loomis technique, which is perhaps a silly technique more for cartoonists, but at least it helped me to orient the shapes FIRST, then add the features after, so that my brain wasn’t intervening so much and straighting everything out against my will. And it sort of works, and it’s probably the best one so far in terms of sizes and distances(?), though I kept it simple so that you could critique my method as well as the result. (Also so that I wouldn’t ruin it, which I always do.) Thanks, Craig


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November 24, 2019

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  1. Craig Warner

    P.S. Matt —
    1: Architecture and angle
    2: Lines and relative sizes/distances
    3: Values (with big eyes!)
    4: Polish and adjust.
    This didn’t take long, but it taught me that it’s worth doing each preliminary stage until it’s right, instead of being impatient to get to the last stage, because it’s fundamentally unsatisfying at the last stage if you haven’t built the face correctly (just check out some of the monstrosities in my forum post, yikes!)

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