Albert Bierstadt-Master Study

Albert Bierstadt-Bavarian Landscape_Master Study-cabe23b0

Hi Matt,

I really enjoyed the Master Classes, especially Albert Bierstadt. This Artist is amazing and hasĀ  a sad story! What a loss that he died at 40! He became my favorite Landscape Painter, I didn’t know him before.

There are two things confused me in this painting!

1-The time of the day and the Light Direction which it is supposed to be from the right side according to the shadows of the trees but why the clouds are too dark from the right side and too bright in the middle?

2-I realized in Landscape Paintings there are no Modelling Factors! For example the tree just has light and shadow two values! There are no Bounce Light, Highlights, Dark Middleton and Light Middleton!




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October 24, 2021

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