Aiden Portrait ~Mary

Aiden ~Mary-988a8713

Hi Matt!

I tried drawing this portrait a few weeks ago and it came out really bad (your critique was very generous:) You hated the lighting, but it’s all I have to go on. I converted it to grayscale to try and see the shading more.

This was also my first try with the Col-Erase pencil, which I love, but maybe not the best idea to give it a first try on this.

And I don’t know why I chose yellow toned paper (although it doesn’t look as bright yellow in this photo) – I think I was thinking “cheerful, baby portrait”.

I would like to add some white charcoal to give it a little zip. I was also thinking of adding just a little color? His eyes are blue, blonde hair, red shirt. Maybe that’s a mistake.

Before I do anything else I would so very much appreciate your input.

Grateful for your critiques!


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March 28, 2021

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