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Hi Matt! Hello everyone 😀 

I’m Ahmet and I’m a 22 year old student from Turkey. I took some courses before but I lack the fundamentals and want to get serious about art (want to be an illustrator :)). So I decided to join DTO and I’m super excited to learn from/with everybody 😀 

As for the drawing, I don’t have a specific question. I can notice that some of my proportions are off (like her chest needs to be higher I guess) and I went a bit too dark on some of the areas especially on the left side of the statue. But the more I tried to fix those mistakes the worse my drawing became so I decided that it was time to stop (and I was kind of satisfied with the drawing and sleeping a couple more hours before school was really tempting:D) Looking forward to your/everyones feedback. Thanks!

ps: I’ve combined the reference and my drawing since I thought it would be easier for you but please let me know if you prefer them seperate 🙂


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November 3, 2019

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