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Hi Matt, hello everyone!

Thank you for the last week’s critique. It was really helpful and that little exercise that you mentioned (draw an abstact shape and try to draw the same next to it) is an awesome exercise and I felt like it really improved my eye-hand coordination even it has only been a week since I started doing that 😀 For this week’s critique, I decided not to send the “Drawing Accurate Shapes” homework since it was pretty self explanatary. And I’ve done an ok job I guess 🙂 So I’ve decided to draw something a bit more fun and did this drawing. I’ve actually never used charcoal before but I decided to give it a shot after last week’s podcast. I still lack some materials but it was actually really fun to use! I guesss I was a bit focused on the materials and how to use them and it caused my drawing to lack in the likeness department. Sorry about the low res reference. I really liked the lighting in the photo but I guess I should be more careful when picking my reference. Looking forward to your feedback!

Also I was commenting on other students’ posts but I’ve noticed that no one else was doing that so I’m really sorry if I was being annoying. But you guys are killing it and I was really excited to see this many amazing artists in one place! ( : 


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November 10, 2019


  1. Craig Warner

    Hey Ahmet,

    That’s a beautiful eye… and you seem to be very comfortable with charcoal already. I think we are supposed to feel free to comment and build a community of mutual support and constructive criticism! Let’s go for it, even if we’re the only ones!
    Keep going, Craig

    • Ahmet Mert Vural

      Thank you for your kind words Craig! Will definitely keep going 😀

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