Accurate Shape Class


Hi Matt,

This was difficult, but enjoyed and had fun doing it after i got over my fears.  I was doing everything to avoid starting it.

I used plumb lines, horizontal, and vertical.  The diagonal lines also help for me to see the negative shapes.  Amazing seeing shapes within shapes, very abstract, such as the shadows below the sculpture.  I think they are beautiful.  I’m beginning to realize when Georgia O’keeffe was asked how she painted.  She said “I see shapes”

The eyes were difficult and overall avoiding the temptation to start putting in tone, and what I think an eye, and mouth looks like.

I’m a little heavy handed with some of the lines and at times chicken scratch.  I believe this is when I get nervous and noticed I would hold my breath.  I took a lot of breaks, drew most of the time standing.  Which made me stand back from drawing to assess shapes and lines 

As I enjoyed this I would like to do more and do some with the references upside.




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October 30, 2021

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