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Hi Matt. I tried to do a drawing with many layers charcoal on Kraft paper. I tried to use my lightest touch for each layer, so light that it almost didnt touch the paper. very feathery strokes. I also used the pencil as sharp as I could make it and sharpened it frequently. I think I accomplished that academic atelier feel, but then, I would say I gave it the best possible effort I could to be careful.

I wanted to know that besides using the lightest touch, putting down many layers, very fine crosshatching, is there anything else I could do to get a smoother/no brushstrokes visible appearance? I am afraid to put more layers on top of the completed modeling because it might get darker and I am not sure if it would make the tone smoother. I want your input. The gaps of grain are so fine, I could probably fill the bigger gaps with dots of a fully sharpened pencil. It is a tiny drawing about 6 inches tall in an A5 size sketchbook. It’s done with Cretacolor Nero which is a waxy oil based charcoal pencil. 

What do you think will happen if I put on more layers and what could I do better next time to get that soft academic feel without blending? I must have spent many hours on this, over 3 days. I am submitting more than one photo of the drawing for clarity. 

The one with the seam of the sketchbook visible is how it actually looks. The other one is digitally manipulated.



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December 23, 2019

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