A woman sits on the shore, mindful. -Timm


The advice you gave me is making awesome progress, but though, I’ve been working hard on the lessons, but I found needed to step back and organize my lessons and keep a specific journal.  I’ll post one with a reference and more in the flow next week, but this was a reflective reference from a drawing past. The drawing is somewhere on instagram, and I don’t have the original).  I like the feeling but am willing to compromise which direction, but does resonate well as simple as it is?   

I like the simplicity of this digital drawing, but 

Does it stand well on its own or should it be rendered, and if so should it have a particular setting? This one is very different from a lot of my focused drawings.  Any advice in any direction works.




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April 26, 2021

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  1. Timothy Rinka

    Forgive horribly written paragraph. I’m pretty tired

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