1st attempt at drawing – Tracy


Hi Matt,

I just joined and this is my first upload.

I’m a complete beginner, I just decided a few weeks ago that I would eventually like to learn to paint as a hobby, but first I will learn to draw.

I watched some videos on YouTube and then just had a go.

There are some pretty obvious problems with it which I hope to address and improve on.

After going round in circles on YouTube and feeling “paralysed” by the “overwhelm” I stumbled across your website, saw the words “structured learning” and signed up!

I don’t really know what I’m interested in drawing yet (which doesn’t help with overwhelm) but I really love expressive charcoal portraits so I hope to have a go at that in the future.

For now I would like to learn the fundamentals of drawing in a structured way and just see how I get on.

All the best

Tracy (UK)


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August 29, 2020

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