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    Robyn Kermes

    Hi Matt,
    This is a wonderful site and I love the look and feel of the new set up. BUT I wonder if you can point my in the right direction? I joined a month ago. I have been working through Step by Step and Anatomy as my starting points. I am on step 16 in Step by Step. Shall I continue those steps by logging into the old site or shall I start up with one of the classes here and get the information in that context? Can you suggest which course you think is best for starting? A suggestion about where to start might be helpful in general . . . at least in my case I found that seeing the Step by Step class helped me to dive right in rather than be stuck not knowing what to do. Thanks Robyn Kermes


    Hi Robyn,

    For the next month go back to the original DTO and watch those videos. Since it’s so important, next week I will start filming a new begin here step by step department here at the new site.

    Just keep track of both of your log in credentials. I can see where that can become a hassle if your loose them.

    What would help me is what specifically do you want to learn?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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