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    Lisa Gray

    I have one class left in the beginning drawing series. I understand, where to go next, is discussed in the last lesson, but I also thought I would pose the question here.

    Matt’s beginner series is the first drawing class I’ve had (loved it). So, here’s what I want to accomplish going forward, I have written a few children’s books and I would love to illustrate them myself. So I need to know how to draw – well everything – children, place images in a scene, clothing, landscape, composition, perspective. I would like my illustrations to have some realism, but fantasy is also really important to me, like my own hyper-real version (samples of the style I love are attached).

    So, where is my best next move? Eventually, I would like to take every class Matt offers, but it would also be nice to start working on some illustrations for one of my books. Right now I haven’t a clue how to begin to draw children or animals (Even semi-surreal looking, that I will need for the books) or how to place these objects in a scene.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Lisa Ann Gray

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    Hi Lisa,

    I recommend either Composition Through Landscape or my brand new Process course.

    But would really help you. I would love to talk to this in next Monday’s Podcast.

    Wonderful work!


    Lisa Gray


    Do you think there is any benefit to me doing the life drawing lesson as well? I want to make sure you know that the artwork I attached isn’t mine (in my post above). I didn’t create it. It is an example of a style that really appeals to me.

    I just want to make sure you didn’t base your decision of what classes I should take on the artwork I attached above – thinking I did it (I’m not that good – ha, ha).

    Thank you for your insight and time! I am learning so much from your classes. This has been a lifelong dream come true!


    Lisa Gray

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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