What are your goals for drawing?

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    Linn Hansson

    Hello everyone!
    I have been registered to this website for about a year now and because of unfortunate and fortunate events I did not had the opportunity to draw as much as I originally planned: back injury, pregnancy with swollen feet (couldn’t sit with my feet down) and now a baby to take of. 🙂

    I have always loved to draw, even though I wasn’t very talented. We never really had any real art class where I went to school, which I would have loved to. Some years ago I tried to draw and paint digitally since I found some really cool artists who did that, but I realised that I didn’t have any fundamentals in drawing what so ever. Then I decided to start with coloured pencils and it worked out much better, but I still had a lot of problem with colour matching and value matching as well as the drawing fundamentals. Sometimes I could do it, but mostly it didin’t turn out the way I wanted it to.

    Then last year I was lucky enough to find this website and I am still in love with it. I dove into the cast tutorial and it turned out so much better than I could ever imagine. I was so happy and proud about it that I wanted to learn more! I have had my ups and downs with the tutorials. Sometimes I got bored with them after a while and sometimes I just couldn’t do it even though I tried my best. I’ve followed Mat’s suggestion to only use one medium while learning and I think it was a wise suggestion, although I am dying to use my expensive sets of coloured pencils soon (yes I am a hoarder).

    My main goal when I decided to enroll this school was to learn the fundamentals about drawing. Both proportions, lights and darks, etc. After I while I realised that I want to learn how to master the academical way of drawing which I love to do. I love to render and match values, even though it is really hard. I love to do the long drawings of the statues and drawing in just grey scale is very soothing somehow for me. My next goal after getting more comfortable with drawing in grey scale is to enroll the painting tutorials – because I long for colour wheels and colour mixing. I hope to be able to enroll it in a year or two when my daughter is older and I might have some more spare time to paint (hah, I realise that I might have to wait 20 years).

    I have always been jealous of my grandfather who paints in watercolour these past years. He used to paint with oil before and he also carves wood statues. He has had some local art shows and I would love to have some of those some day, but mostly I draw for my own sake. Getting drawings sold would just be a bonus. Here are two of my favourite paintings by my grandfather, I hope to be able to become as good or even better some day! 😉

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    Heidi Søholm

    Wow, nice Linn 🙂 It encourages me to hear about your drawing quest. I guess it is quite common for life to get between you and your art – it is for me too anyway. I hope you will continue your journey. Good luck from Denmark 😉

    Linn Hansson

    Takk Heidi! 🙃
    Yes, life will get in the way of drawing, but it is a big interest for me and I kinda suffer when I do not have the time to draw. I’ve started to draw about one day a week in between my daughter’s naps so it does take a long time to finnish a drawing and I feel that I get tired of the piece more quickly since I always long to start a new piece. Do not like my current drawing because I made it top muddy. Didn’t help that my cat slept on it a few times… 😩

    Steven Levalley

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary Linn! Your tenacity is something to be very proud of 🙂

    My goals are similar to yours – learn the fundamentals of drawing and then transition to painting.

    I also want to get better at art to tell better stories visually. Above all else I love strong compositions and I have wanted to compose images for many years now. I wanted to compose images through film or photography but it ended up being too much work. I just like the idea of taking a pencil and a piece of paper and composing a scene. No one else is involved and it’s just so simple.

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