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    Vvivi Hu

    Hallo Matthew and all,
    I’ve been watching Matthews YouTube channel for some time and decided to join the member couple of days ago!
    I am not an artist, yet just someone who picked up sketching a year ago as a hobby. Love the feeling of getting lost in the process and particularly drawing portraits that makes me look at human face in a whole new perspective and feel so much more connected to others in general.
    Just finished the videos of how to draw a profile and finished the attached drawing. I know I am off on the hair and also the ear is too small. Would love to hear more critiques on my drawing and guidances on especially where I should focus more to improve. Thanks a lot!


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    Hi ,

    Great job with the drawing. I normally never critique in the forums, I critique every Monday in the critique gallery. Critiques are posted Monday afternoon.

    I encourage you to post a drawing every week in the gallery. As for this drawing it is quite lovely. On thing I can suggest is to incorporate more middle tone in your line. Be careful not to use dark line everywhere.

    Why? Mainly because you want to save some of your dark outlines for the most important part of the drawing. I talk to this in lessons 16-21 in the new Concepts & Techniques figure drawing course.

    Line is such an important attribute to use to your advantage.

    I’ll look forward to your post in the gallery for next week’s critique. Post your photo reference too.


    Vvivi Hu

    Thanks! Will post there and look into the course.

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