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    Alan Seedhouse

    Hi Matt, I am working on the value ratios lesson where you draw the light marble statue with the dark dress and I have a question that you may be able to answer before I commence my own drawing. The ‘skin tone’ of the head in your drawing appears lighter than the ‘skin tone’ of the statue. I am assumimg that you can lighten or darken the values providing that all values in your drawing are in the correct ratios. For example if the original had values 8 (dark), 6(mid-tone) and 3 (light) you could draw it using exact value matching or you could draw it lighter overall using values 6(dark), 4(mid-tone) and 1 (light). Although the values are not a direct match to the values on the statue the are still in the correct ratios to each other. It’s a though someone has turned the room lighting up a nothch (or down, perhaps). Please let me know if I am undersanding this idea correctly.

    Hope you are well,
    Alan Seedhouse

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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