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    Nouredine Hussain

    Hi Matt,

    I still have a question about measuring:
    I the videos a watched thus far, you seem to generally measure using your sight, helping yourself with the following techniques (please tell me if I forget some thing):
    1- Using negative spaces.
    2- Comparing tone shapes.
    3- Horizontal and vertical alignment.
    4- Finding the middle.
    5- Angles.

    But what if this technique are not sufficient ? for example, one of the hardest things for me is with the initial few lines, when trying to establish the height/width ratio of my subject. Working in sight-size sure helps as we can directly compare distances with the original, but when working with relative measurements from life I struggle with this big measurements. Do you think in such situation the use of a tool, like comparing with the pencil (arm straight in front holding the pencil vertically) is mandatory ? or do you think we still can relay on our sight (I think some Russian schools, like the Repin academy forbid the use of any tool for measuring) ?

    I have another question which is related to it but I don’t know if it is too much asking for one week, if it is, I will ask it another time:
    It seems established today that is is better to draw from top to bottom, big forms then smaller details. However, I watched a DVD of Richard Schmid drawing a portrait the other day, and he started by drawing the eyes, then the nose, then the rest. When some one asked him if he always starts like this, he said yes because smaller distances are easier to judge than bigger ones, which is also how I always felt. What are your thoughts on this matter ?

    I wish you great holy days and thank you in advance,



    Just posted up the podcast with some answers to your questions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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