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    Liz Bird

    Hi Matt
    bit late to offering feedback on the site, but here we go. I chose your site initially as it was one of the top rated on some comparison page I got on. Having looked at others since, there really is none to compare for serious learning. I find other sites ok, but my general critique of them would be, they talk too fast and rush through the learning points. It is all too ‘happy’, feels like they are trying to falsely make everything ‘fun and easy’. I am 54 and have learned to do anything well, fun and easy is only part of it. I am also a Psychologist who has done work with a particular client group who would be considered to have very low motivation. The nub of engaging them is always authenticity from both sides. They need to know the facilitator/teacher, cares about the topic and their work, but also cares about them as individuals. But they also need to feel safe to say when it ain’t working. You present as the guy next door who wants to share and help someone on their way rather than ‘being the teacher’ and all the ego that goes with that. For me your style and approach is authentic and useful, its about the art not showing off. I never hear the snoring dog but sometimes wish I could 🙂 It would just add to the relaxed but focussed feel of it. As for people dropping off that is natural, especially when the financial investment is relatively low and no-one is really holding them to account like a formal course of academic study. If they are not really ready for some serious work and critique then they won’t stay. So you are left with a regular pool of people who are really engaged. Motivation is rarely a stable thing, but constantly shifting and evolving. Keep it up Matt, your site is excellent quality, more than any I have tried out.

    Matthew Archambault

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you so very much for providing me with feedback on the site as well as my teaching style. It’s always so nice to hear a member’s thoughtful experience with the site.

    I agree and like what you said towards the end concerning the regular pool of people. That is how I consider myself, just a regular guy who is trying to improve constantly. That is what I want the site to be about.

    Slow but steady progress for everyone involved.

    Once again Liz thank you for your post!!!! It means a lot.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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