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    I’m trying to create a schedule for myself in regards to how long and how regularly to practice, and I’m just looking for a bit of input. Should I start by going through these exercises on a daily basis or should I put some days aside for more freeform sessions? Should that wait until I’m further into the courses before worrying about my own projects or ideas? And how can I balance learning from multiple sources? I’ve got a stack of Andrew Loomis books with me that I’ve never gotten too far into and which I’d like to reincorporate into my process, I’m just a little stuck on how or if I should jump between them and the site.

    I know that a lot of this is subjective – different people have different ways of balancing things – but even so, hearing others’ experiences would help a lot in informing mine.


    Hi Calvin,

    I’d like to answer your question in Monday’s podcast. I’d also love to hear input from members in terms of how they fit practice into a busy schedule.


    Eric Roberts

    It’s a good question. I am a partner in an architectural firm and so my weeks get pretty full. I also have a family of 5! Still, drawing is something I do for me (sometimes for my own sanity) so I make sure to spend 45 minutes to an hour once or twice per week after the kids go to bed and I draw, or paint. I fall asleep most nights while trying to finish one of Matt’s videos or some of the other folks I follow on YouTube or Patreon. Each weekend I probably spend 12-14 hours drawing, painting or watching lessons. It isn’t the fast track, but it is consistent and I don’t burn myself out.
    Here’s to you finding your perfect schedule!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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