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    Charles Post

    MATT, as i wrote you several months ago, I have ALS and it is steadily destroying the muscles in my hands and arms to point I have lost 90% control of the fingers of my drawing hand and the same is occurring in my left hand. yet, i have purposed to continue to paint until it is impossible which i fear could be just a few months away. this is where the blessing of technology comes in. using Photoshop i am able pull drawn or reference images into a document containing many layers so i can work out the compositional, color and values elements. i have found using a separate layer for each image makes for flexibility in placing, sizing and coloring each image, and i can rotate an image to face left or right when dealing with people for example. recently, i tried, with success, printing my PS composition and affixing it to a panel using acrylic medium then start the painting process. that is how i was able to do my last painting, ICONS. this process still requires the eye and ability to mix, blend and lay down colors. but without the aid of PHOTOSHOP, creating drawings to paint would be almost impossible.

    PS. I plan to review the gesture tutorial and give you my insights even if i cannot complete all of the exercises.

    Marjan Van der Donk

    Wow Charles, I admire your resourcefulness and strength of spirit, thanks for sharing for this is inspiring! Yes, technology is a blessing in many shapes and forms in all aspects of life, in art too. The combination of very old and very new techniques is often fascinating, though in your case it is born out of necessity of course. I wish for you to be able to paint and enjoy art for a long time yet!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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