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    Alexander Shunko

    Hi, Matt.

    What is a purpose of Fine Art nowadays?

    I mean when we talk about art which is not comissioned to artist by someone else… What is the point, in your opinion?

    I have my thoughts on that, but interested in yours.

    It seems that often artists just want to do their own thing.
    But then why other people should care of what the artist is doing?! Isn’t it a very selfish game?

    What is a social role of non-comissioned Fine Art?


    Cody Martin

    My wife and I went to the local museum of FA today and I kind of was contemplating this too. Not so much the social importance or role of art in society but what makes something important enough to be put in a museum. My wife said some of it is about the subject matter but mostly its about pieces and artists that represent a transition or birth of a style or technique. I think if art has any role its about continuing that push into new ways to express ones self.

    Personally, I’d be afraid of projecting too much importance on my work might cause me to be too cerebral about it all. To me, art is just a vehicle for what is already inside me to come out, and as matt calls it an active meditation.

    Alexander Shunko

    Hi, Cody!

    Thanks for your point.

    If you wish I’d be glad to discuss this subject, but lets wait to let Matthew answer first.




    Hi Alexander,

    Listen to the podcast. I did my best to answer both of your questions.

    Thanks for participating.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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