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    Alexander Shunko

    Hello, Matthew.

    Getting those subscription e-mails from You and I just wanted to let you know how important the site for me.
    Though I am not uploading anything to the Critique Gallery.

    Again I struggle with my eyesight issues, it is very often hard even to wake up in the morning.

    The most important part of the site for me at these moments is the Member Podcast and your voice.
    It really helps to not give up, keep making progress, keep going, keep setting goals, keep dreaming about the future and art.

    I am into anatomy now, learning the skeleton. I’ve finished with the notes about pelvis today (the skull, the rib cage, the vertebral column are done too).

    Thank you for your Weekly Messages.

    For me it is often becomes more important, than everything else on DTO.
    Your wise advices always makes me happy. You are the right example for me, thank you for being that.



    Hi Alexander,

    I’m sorry I missed this post for the podcast. I filmed the podcast earlier today.

    I really appreciate your kind words. Running an educational site online today is super tough, the competition is intense to say the least. There are many great teachers on the web. So your words do mean a lot to me.

    There are some days that I ask, should I be doing something else? Posts like yours keep me motivated to keep posting content here at DTO. Thank you.

    I’m going to experiment with random audio’s in the coming weeks where I touch on the mental game of being an artist. If there is anything specific you would like me to talk to just let me know.

    Thank you!!!


    Alexander Shunko

    No worries, Matt

    It was not even a question 🙂

    Regarding the audio’s… It would be nice to hear sometimes a little bit about the artistic life in NY. About any art exhibitions that you’ve seen, about your students jobs and success, about comic books and cartoon industry in USA, any rumors and stuff like that. It is interesting for me because I live not in the USA and NY is one of the largest cities in the entire world with probably the largest amount of artists of all kinds. Cartoonists, comic book artists, artists in the game entertainment industry, artists for films and 3d animation, traditional painters, illustrators, street artists… That is nuts! It is an entire parallel world of art.

    I am not sure if you keep connections with other artists in NY, sure most artists prefer a very secluded lifestyle. So don’t mind if it is not your subject. Just an option.

    The Weekly Member Podcast is already great without any changes. I actually sometimes go through the archive of the podcasts to see some random lessons. It is quite unique place in the internet.



    Lucille Kreps

    Hi Alexander,

    I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with eyesight issues but I’m glad you’re staying interested in art and motivated! I’ve got debilitating health issues myself (neurological) and of all the subscription tutorials sites for drawing I’ve found this one to be the most nurturing environment overall – extremely positive and interesting, very affordable, and never demeaning or guilting to those of us who are only able to practice art at our own pace. Many days I am stuck on bed rest because of my disease or I’m not coordinated/coherent enough to sit up and put my hands on my artwork but I have found that laying in bed and watching tutorials – and even more importantly vividly fantasizing and picturing in my head how and in what situations I would put this info into practice – has done wonders for my art skills. I find that if I can’t get out of bed basically living a vivid fantasy life where I am doing art really shows up in the finished pieces once I have a day where I’m able to do it in real life – I find the whole process goes smoother and seems more intuitive. Plus, it gives me something to keep my mind positive and keep my head in the game of life when I’d otherwise be down in the pits. Can’t wait to see what you’ll post to the critique gallery, in your own time 🙂

    – Lucille

    Cody Martin

    Matt- This is the best program of its kind on the internet, especially for the price. Aside from that pragmatic view of it I do think your approach to teaching is great and I myself just like to listen to you critique others’ work. Maybe you just have a voice for radio. I know how much work it was to put this together and I hate that you wonder if you should be doing something else. I suppose because it’s not very lucrative. I imagine the stories above are a motivator but also I’d listen to you if you started a general podcast (on itunes) talking about art, artists, techniques. Have guests could build that up to have sponsored (colerase anyone?) and one stream may feed the other etc.

    Please don’t quit is all I’m saying.

    Alexander Shunko

    Hi Lucille,

    Thanks for your comment. Don’t give up!

    I had neurological problems in my childhood. I know what it feels like.

    Actually I even had a very bad diagnosis (multiple sclerosis, MS) which then was … canceled. It turned out that my neurological problems disappeared as soon as I started to spend more time in direct sunlight and eat more fresh vegetables. I remember my neurolog was forcing me to do physical exercises, he laughed when we got a conclusion about MS (from another doctor) and he never let me to beleive that my disease is any serious. I still don’t know if it was a wrong diagnosis or if I recovered. It was 20 years ago. Now I have no neurological problems at all.

    I knew two girls with MS. They both were hiding from the sunlight (!) and have very pale skin (almost blue-white!), and they both didn’t eat enough (!!!), both avoided vegetables. With one of that girls it was even my first impression. She became my colleague and one day we went to have a lunch. She nitpickingly excluded the vegetables from her food. We worked together something like a half of a year and all this time she was ignoring the vegetables, she even was often forgetting to eat. I was unable to convince her that it is bad. And then she became ill…

    Recently I learned that the MS has an interesting geographical dependance. The closer to equator the less people suffer from MS. Maybe without enough sunlight and vitamines something goes wrong… I do not know. What I know is that I don’t have MS 20 years after I got that diagnosis from a Medicine Doctor and even no signs of MS on MRI. Perhaps it was just that doctor’s mistake.

    The only problem I have is a constant eyestrain and an astigmathism (developed over years) that I can’t correct with lenses (it becomes worse).

    But over time I hope to find some solution…

    Best regards,


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