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    Arjun Khode

    Hi Matt. I have two questions about gradations:

    In Anthony Ryder’s new video, he mentions that lines are there to confine shapes so you can fill tones in them. But sometimes there are gradations in a painting too which are like a different language. He says, “some gradations cannot be confined within line and they go, I wanna be in this drawing too, I also have a place”. I wanted to hear your take on this. What is this language of gradations and how to think in it?

    Another question I had is, when you do a two way stroke with a pencil, sort of like doing an upstroke and a downstroke in guitar picking, like rubbing the stroke both ways.. at the two extremities of the stroke, it creates a darker edge. I know that Anthony Ryder does almost all his strokes this way. When I do it, my darker edges form square patches of tone and are not completely blended with their neighbors. I don’t understand how his don’t do that. Why do you think might that be and what is a solution? Is doing one way strokes the only solution? How about shading in short tiny sticks of two way strokes so they cover a smaller area at a time.


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