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    Jannie Egholm

    Hi Matt
    Based on your last critique on a flower painting, I made a large sorting of the coulours that I have used. Many of them I have had for years because a shop where I bought the painting stopped having them and sold them to me for a ridicoulus low price..
    But now I have reduced the colours at hand, and that helps a me lot.

    I recently went through the style and the subject matter courses. I found that, even though I love Andrew Wyeths and Hammershøi’s paintings and would love to paint like them, its just not me. It is so difficult for me to keep the chroma down, and if I do, the painting just dosen’t feel rigth.
    Therefore I have acceptet the that I like colors, but now I need to learn to manage that style. Also I tend to really like when the subjects are lined out with a darker coulour, I thinking of how to incorporate it – if I do.
    My subject are mainly, flowers when painting. I love my garden and love flowers. I’ve made an inspiration book a while ago and saw it through after I saw the subject course. It was full of flowers and very colorfull clip-outs from eg. A danish painter called Scherfig and from garden journals
    I really love Scherfigs paintings especially the color that he used.

    On the other hand, when I am drawing I just love to draw figures and portraits, especially when I really start the rendering. These two courses has really given me some guidelines on what to focus on and I tend to stick to this going forward. I think this will help me a lot..
    I’m still working on my working process, I need to figure out what suits me the best but I think I am getting there combining small colorskecthes, photoref. And the photo editing on my Ipad.

    My question is – going forward how can I be better at managing my color scale – any suggestions??

    Thank you and best

    Matthew Archambault

    Hi Jannie,

    Awesome post. Let me think on this. I will answer this in Monday’s podcast.




    The podcast will be up a little later tonight. Was dealing with some computer issues today.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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