Some thoughts on pricing my artwork?

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    Marjan Van der Donk

    Hi Matt and other DTO-members,

    Could you share some thoughts on pricing artwork? In November I will have my first exhibition, and I am considering all options and viewpoints on how to value my pieces. So, I have my oil paintings (12″x16″), drawings (charcoal or graphite) and photography (my reference photos). I would like to sell my photographs as a limited series – 10 prints or so per unique design.

    Research online gives a very varied range of prices. I went to a joint exhibition of several galleries, and was shocked at some of the high prices for very very basic paintings (perhaps I’m stupid and don’t ‘get it’,a distinct possibility 😉 ).

    I want to be serious about my art and at the same time be realistic + down to earth. Overpricing will only make me feel self conscious, giving my pieces away will feel uncomfortable too.

    Looking forward to your reactions!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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