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    Arjun Khode

    Hi Matt. In the pic attached from the ‘paper’ chapter of begin here step by step, what kind of sketchbook is your brown paper one, the one with the back view of the Aphrodite statue? Is it brown kraft paper?

    Another question I have is, sometimes I look at my own nice drawings in my sketchbooks and I get so obsessed with perfection that I never draw in the sketchbook again because I’m afraid my next drawing won’t be as nice. I have several sketchbooks with only 3 or 4 drawings and I never draw in them again. I also feel afraid of suddenly changing the theme of that sketchbook by doing a different type of drawing. I look at your students’ sketchbook videos and all the pages are so honest and well done.

    I think me and so many other people struggle with perfection. Especially with traditional art. How do you instruct your students about sketchbooks because they all seem to have some really nice sketchbooks.


    Arjun Khode

    Here is the pic

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    Matthew Archambault

    Hey Arjun,

    Listen to tonight’s podcast. I think it will help.


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