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    Nouredine Hussain

    Hello Matt,

    First I want to thank you for the great quality of your course (and member critique) and the dedication and passion you put into it.

    I’m a new member and have like a million question (first time in my life I have someone to ask), but I’ll try to ask one per week.

    My first question is the following:

    I love drawing and sketching from life, my goal is to be able to draw any subject with as much accuracy as possible (from life), with a preference for portrait drawing. (I posted some of my sketches in the journal section).

    I’m actually working on the drawing for the course “Drawing accurate shapes”.

    My question about this course have two parts:

    a- Allot of people on the Internet, and we all know that people on the Internet are always right, say that drawing “sight-size” may harm our capacity to draw with “comparative measurements” (when the subject and the drawing don’t have the same size) and my give us bad habits, here is one of such articles. Also, I heard some stories about people unable to draw anything from life while being well capable of drawing from photos (photos are already translated to 2D while drawing from life requires translating from 3D to 2D). My personal feeling is that ultimately, when we draw, we draw shapes, so drawing sight-size and from photo like in your “drawing accurate shapes” most be helpful for drawing from life, but I don’t have the experience to confirm or reject that.

    b- Haw do you compare the method explained in “Drawing accurate shapes” to what is called “Bargue drawings” (from Bargue’s “cours de dessin”) ? I have ordered Bargue book in the hope of “learning to see” and getting more accurate by practicing from it, do you think it is a good approach, or that it may weakens my ability to draw from life and with comparative measurement.

    Sorry for my long question but with my lake of time, I’m trying to find the best and most efficient way to practice in order to attain my goals.

    Thanks you in advance and excuse my bad English.


    Hi Nouredine,

    Very good question. Yes I will answer this on in the podcast.

    Any other members have thought’s on this topic?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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