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    Robyn Kermes

    Just uploaded for a third week. Seeing way more in reference photos. Nuggets picked up and working on so far — continuous line, no straight lines, solid tones, let dark be dark, modeling factors. Still working on refining what my goal(s) are. My motivation for starting was to draw more accurate portraits from photos. The drawings of the twins pushed me to wanting to take my work to a next level. But now that I am working the lessons on the site I would like to be able to develop my own style so that when I do a portrait is both accurate and my own style rather than a reproduction of a photograph. I love watercolors. i want to be able to draw with confidence, with as few lines as possible to convey an accurate likeness and then paint with the wonderful looseness of watercolors inside my drawing. Carol Griggs paintings have always been among my favorites because she works with a tightly drawn shape and very loose watercolors. But right now I am very happy learning anatomy and working through step by step. Learning so much!! And loving that I can finally take the drawing classes that i have wanted to take my whole life.

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