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    Grace Franks


    I watched your videos on youtube, and I was very interested in them. I heard that you answer question on your website, but i would like to ask you question on your gmail instead if that alright? I know its gonna be weird to ask but I hope you’re alright with it.

    Here’s seven questions.

    Question1. So in your youtube videos, to learn from you it feels like we have to copy your work so we can practice our drawing. Are you okay with us more or less copying your work to learn? Does that bug you in any way?

    Question2. So I heard you give “critiques” to your students art on your website, and I was wondering like how did you get inspired or accept to take critiques? Have you ever watched people’s videos who give art critiques too?

    Question3. I know you give critiques to people’s real life art, but have you ever given critiques to like cartoons or maybe anime styles as well?

    Question4. I saw your old videos about “Drawing the male versus female torso”. I’m curious why you used about 2minutes on your video to draw a male guy with an unfinished muscle body. Did you feel you’re tired of it?

    Question5. So I wanna to ask about “comments” on your videos saying that, “they wanna know what did you use on your videos”, but you never respond to their question why is that?

    Question6. I know you already did Bodies, Hair, Texture, Nose, and Hands on your videos, butave you guys considered doing different versions of these to accommodate different body types, skin types, color types (like paler lips), etc?

    *This is a last question*

    Question7. If you drew the nudity of the women body does YouTube ever try to take your videos down, or because it’s educational and they don’t show something inappropriate like kids or mid-teens, they don’t have a problem with your video? I know its practices but does that happened to your videos?

    Anyways that all of my questions. I hope you answer it well.

    PS your art looks amazing. Well keep up with your artwork.

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