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    Nancy Spain

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been a long-time follower and your website has taught me everything I’ve always wanted to learn about drawing. I was astounded at the difference in quality education an actual art school gives, compared to just a regular Uni or college figure drawing class. My curiosity got the best of me and I went down to my nearest Ai (Sacramento Ai) to see what they had to offer. I wasn’t really interested in taking their full course load – as I already had my English and general studies degrees, and they wanted me to take their foundations in art courses all over again. I asked if I could petition by bringing in my portfolio and was told no. They said the cost of attendance would be $90,000. I literally laughed. That’s an insane amount for an animation degree, right? And considering the degree is only transferable to other art schools was a red flag in my book. I got the distinct impression that this AI was only stationed to take advantage of the generosity of our government’s FAFSA grants. I went through the whole process, where they tried to get me to buy all their supplies(A $2,500 investment for basic stuff you can get at any DickBlick), signup for a full course load on the spot, but in the end, I sat in for 1 class at the suggested beginner’s level and for 4 hours, he had us drawing a skull and an Amazon box. I was very disappointed. My question to you is: Is that the average rate for a 4-year Animation degree? If so, can students petition the general education classes if they’ve already taken them at a CC level, and pick and choose which classes they want to take if they can prove they have the skill?

    Thanks for all your help. My art would have never improved as much as it did if it weren’t for your step by step tutorials.


    Hi Gina,

    Wow $90,000 seems like an insane amount of money. I beleive SVA is around $50,000, still a ton of money.

    Yes SVA will accept some of your credits. I think the best thing to do is call their admissions depart,emt. They certainly would know more about the credit thing than me.

    Each situation which each student is different. So I would certainly set up a time to speak with them.

    Hope this helps,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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