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    Misty Huckstead

    My husband and I were having dinner with some friends and we had a long discussion on this painting. My friend and I like it, our husbands think it lacks balance. I think she found it at a thrift store. I was wondering what others thought and from an artists eye what makes this a good/ bad painting?

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    Scott Shulman

    I’m no artist, but personally I agree with the husbands… I could be wrong, but I think the problem might be with a composition that doesn’t fit the intended focal point and some perspective errors. Anyway, probably better than I could do so who am I to judge?!

    Adam Greenow

    I agree. I think the problem is the eye is led out of the painting with nothing to lead it back in. I always think of the rule no 2 intervals should be the same. The boats get progressively smaller making it too uniform. Needs to be broken up perhaps.

    Louis Plunkett

    Hi Matt,

    Really enjoyed your master class on Isaac Levitan it was very informative,I hope you will do many more like this, its a great learning tool and gives inspiration !

    As to composition in dealing with landscapes: Creating and positioning dark, middle tone and light shapes and to juxtapose these shapes into a suitable composition.
    Could you say some words on that subject also any tips as how one would use photo-shop in arranging this shapes would be most welcome.

    All the best for now and once again thank you.


    Hi Louis,

    I would love to answer your question in next Monday’s podcast.

    Thanks so much for your feedback. It means a lot.


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